AWEZart – Gabriel Corti


I am a Austin based Designer with years of professional experience in Art Direction,
Graphic Design & Mural painting.



Graphic Designer
2018 – Present.
Responsible for the creative needs for a broad range of clientele; from editorial design, advertising campaigns, web design, and graphic design.

Working in graphic design you have to be quick on your feet. My skillset and talents have been honed and being creative on demand is key. Having worked both freelance and in design studios, I have designed for a broad range of clientele. I have wealth of experience designing almost everything; ranging from web design, product design, apparel, ads/ad campaigns, editorial, content development, social media, to tradeshow booths. 

I have designed for brands known around the world, both featured and sold globally. I managed multiple projects and multiple brands simultaneously. My designs have been featured in Thrasher Magazine, JCPennys, 5POINTZ, NewsDay, LIRR, and Madison Ave Watch Week.

T.Y.P.E. is a tenacious yearning for polished excellence
— g.corti

I successfully coordinate with colleagues and clients bringing and idea to complete fruition. Collaboration leads to greatness, I flourish in a collaborative environment where symbiotic relationships make the finished product great.

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